X-Rated + Xclusive Members Only Play Party

Date: Saturday, February 18, 2017 06:00 PM · Sunday, February 19, 2017 - 12:00 AM
Location: The Hideaway
San Diego CA
Cost: $25.00 for Members
Dress: street legal, once inside anything goes

It’s so BIG! Inflatable ;INSERTables for sexy, swollen fun.
To those who say ‘you can’t fit a square peg into a round hole’ we say, you can if it’s inflatable! Inflatable toys are a very different type of ;INSERTable that have an array of applications and give unique sensations that cannot be achieved with their more rigid counterparts. They are great for solo and partner play, can be tools for pleasure or torment, and work equally well regardless of your gender orientation...if you have a hole that needs filling, these will certainly do the trick! We will cover:
*Types and where to find them
*Cleaning, care and safety
*How to use them for individual ;INSERTions (orally, vaginally, anally)
*How to combine them together for expanded play (multiple penetrative sex, bondage)
*Multi gender demonstration
Jason is a self identified Master with long running interests in physical, sexual, and emotional sadism. Out and proud in San Diego since the beginning of 2011, He volunteers a great deal of time locally and abroad. Constantly seeking to improve his skills, He attends workshops, classes, and conferences regularly, and loves bringing back knowledge to share with the community. Multi volunteer award winner, outgoing secretary for Club X SD and director of MAsT Metro SD, He has a penchant for rough body play, humiliation/objectification, sharps and watersports.


Beginning in February 2017, The X-Rated workshop will be held from 6-8pm immediately preceding our "Xclusive" (Member's Only) Parties. That's right, we're adding value to your membership with a free workshop and more members-only events. The X-Rated series will be sexually explicit workshops from top-notch local/regional presenters, and designed to give you some fun and sexy ideas that you can then carry through into the 4-hour Xclusive play party! Because of space limitations, the X-Rated series will be available only to those Club X Members who hold a ticket for the party.