X-Rated + Xclusive Members Only Play Party

Date: Saturday, June 17, 2017 06:00 PM - 11:59 AM
Location: The Hideaway
San Diego CA
Cost: $25.00 for Members
Dress: street legal to the door, once inside anything goes
Presenter: PeterHeid and MasterOfTheDeep


The X-Rated workshop will be held from 6-8 pm immediately preceding our "Xclusive" (Member's Only) Parties. That's right, we're adding value to your membership with a free workshop and more members-only events. The X-Rated series will be sexually explicit workshops from top-notch local/regional presenters, and designed to give you some fun and sexy ideas that you can then carry through into the 4-hour Xclusive play party! Because of space limitations, the X-Rated series will be available only to those Club X Members who hold a ticket for the party.


Each of our presenters will educate on their chosen fucking machine topic and then after a break they will do a demonstration of the use of the machines. After the workshop, Peter and Drew will keep their demonstration set-ups in place for the first hour of the party for those who might want to feel the fucking machines.

Peter will start with the basics of high-end penetration fucking machines and their specific strengths, weaknesses and details that are good to know about them. Drew will go over the basics of a variety of handheld fucking machines which are the lowest cost entry to the fucking machine experience and in some ways the most stimulating option, how they work, and their strengths and weaknesses. There will be a live demonstration after the discussion and questions are welcome.

Whether you are on the left or right of the slash, play with men or women, this workshop should provide you an excellent learning opportunity, while providing you much needed information on the selection and use of entry-level and advanced fucking machines, and help you decide if you wanted to invest in one. Topics will include safety, the capabilities of different machines, tips on usage in-scene and practical advice for optimizing the experience. Peter will be mainly covering machines such as the HugHer Tango and F-Machine; Drew will be introducing handheld machines including saws, drills, and inexpensive Chinese fucking machines.

The Presenters

Peter Heid is residing in San Diego California. He identifies himself as a lifestyle Dominant and a Sadist. Peter Heid has been an enthusiast with BDSM for most of his life. He loves laughter and humorously doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is a Latex and Bondage Fetishist who also enjoys incorporating a wide range of different play into his Scenes. He volunteers his time as a Dungeon Monitor and DM Coordinator for several organizations/events. Peter Heid has and will continue to travel for different events during the year. Peter Heid sees himself as an Educator in the Community and is ecstatic to share his knowledge through workshops, classes and informal sessions.

Drew (@MasteroftheDeep) has been an active member of the San Diego BDSM community since the late 1990’s. Drew has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and more than a decade of experience teaching Sadomasochistic play techniques one-on-one and at organized practices, exploritoriums, workshops and conferences both locally and nationally with a particular emphasis on all types of electrical/electrosex play, many types of fucking machines, and long and short single tail whip play. Formally Club X VP (elected twice 2002 & 2015), Club X Head DM, Club X Workshop Coordinator, 2003 Pantheon of Leather Community Service Award Nominee for Southern California, and 2008 Club X Sentinel of Leather Individual Awardee, Drew is also known for his Monthly Single Tail Whip Practice in the park in San Diego, his contribution to the Mobile Non-fiction BDSM Lending Library (CAALL, AKA The Kinky Library) and for his continuing experimentation with new play techniques.