Club X - Xtreme + Xclusive Members Only Party - Gags and Hoods with a dash of Sensory Deprivation

Date: Saturday, September 15, 2018 06:00 PM - 11:59 PM
Location: Provided with Will-Call 48 hours prior to party
Cost: $25.00 for Members
Dress: Street Legal to the door.
Presenter: PeterHeid and Andrew (gimpgurl)
Host: Club X


Gags and Hoods with a dash of Sensory Deprivation!!!

Workshop description:

“Gags, the business of keeping quiet."
Need a few hours of play but afraid of a loud bottom waking the neighbors?
Do you just enjoy teasing someone when they can’t tease back? This class is right in your wheelhouse then. Find out how to safely quiet down the voices in the house and enjoy sweet silence in the most sadistic ways. Join Peter Heid in the hands on class where you will enjoy the peace and quiet gags offer first hand.”

Hoods with a dash of Sensory Deprivation:
This class will be an in depth look into the world of hoods. Featured will be multiple hoods from beginner and inexpensive, to full black out sensory deprivation. We will go over and discuss some of the risks associated with hoods, how to use them properly, effects of what each style of hood can have and what to look for when picking one out. This class will have something for everyone, as we will start off tame and slowly ratchet up the intensity. Time/questions permitting, we will go over the physical and psychological effects of what sensory deprivation does to the mind and body. 


The XTreme workshop will be held from 6 - 8 pm, immediately preceding our Xclusive Party! That’s right, we’re adding value to your membership with a free workshop and more members-only events! The X-Treme series covers 201+ Skills and Trainings for top-notch local and regional presenters, and is designed to give you some fun new skills to add to your toy bag for the 4-hour Xclusive parties! Because of space limitations, the XTreme series will be availble only to those Club X members who hold a party ticket.

Ticket Sales!  Tickets available soon!

The Presenters: PeterHeid and Gimpgurl1911.

About the Presenters:

PeterHeid resides in San Diego, California. He identifies as a lifestyle Dominant and a Sadist. Peter Heid has been an enthusiast with BDSM for most of his life. He loves laughter and humorously doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is a Latex and Bondage Fetishist who also enjoys incorporating a wide range of different play into his Scenes. He volunteers his time as a Dungeon Monitor and DM Coordinator for several organizations/events. Peter Heid loves to travel for different events during the year. Peter sees himself as an educator in the Community and is ecstatic to share his knowledge through workshops, classes and informal sessions.”

Gimpgurl1911: Andrew, aka gimpgurl, originally from Baltimore, has been living in San Diego for the past 7 years. They got their foot in the door via the public kink community 12 years ago in New Orleans. Though kinky their whole life, it wasn't until those first few years coming out in New Orleans were they able to start down the dark rabbit hole of heavy bondage, Leather and S&M

Through their tenure in NOLA and San Diego, Andrew has tough classes on take down tactics and pressure points, leather restraints, hoods and various other topics. An active member in TNG, Club X, vanilla transgender support groups, and various discussion groups, Andrew continues to learn and volunteer out in the community when possible.