Xhibition- Intro to Psychological Domination

Date: Monday, June 14, 2021 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Location: Online Only
Cost: FREE
Dress: zoom appropriate
Presenter: Goddess Sydney

Intro to Psychological Domination

Do you desire to guide your bottom/sub into a deeper experience through more
than just physical play? It isn’t a secret that BDSM is more than skin deep, and that several factors come into play when understanding the nuances that make each
persons kinks so unique. In this class I will teach you how to dissect someones specific kinks and use them to your advantage, diving even deeper into their mind. We will go over the basic psychology behind some of the more common BDSM dynamics so that you may gain a deeper understanding of how to use those dynamics to reach a more profound level of connection. We will discuss how psychology can be a guide to further your subs experience of their kinks, appropriately and always with consent. This class will help you sharpen your soft skills, in order to create a well rounded play style.

About the Presenter

Goddess Sydney is a natural born Dominant, who has been a Lifestyle BD/SM
Fetishist for the better part of 20 years and decided to transition to the role of
Professional Dominant a bit over 7 years ago. A compassionate sadist at heart,
Goddess has guided many submissives into the exploration of Domination/Submission, Bondage, and Sadism/Masochism. She identifies with both titles Goddess/Femme Daddy, is Pansexual, and prefers the pronouns she/her. With graduate level knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, she has the advantage of knowing how to use minimum physical effort to drive her submissive to a state where pain and pleasure sublimate. She also loves to psychologically dominate her submissive and finds great joy in showing others aspects of themselves that they never knew existed, and taking her subs to levels of servitude they never knew they could reach.

Goddess holds both a BS in Intersectional Feminism from SDSU and a MFA in
Creative Writing from NU, has won awards for original scholarly research, and published original works of fiction and poetry. She loves to continuously further her BDSM education by working with various mentors and teachers to deepen her knowledge, as well as teaching a variety of classes on BDSM techniques/skills, and Femdom/FLR. While aware of the concepts of both SSC and RACK, Goddess practices RACK (risk awareness consensual kink).