X-ed presented by SpicySmack

Date: Thursday, January 20, 2022 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Location: Online Only
Cost: FREE
Dress: Zoom Appropriate
Presenter: SpicySmack


Presentation: Is BDSM Accessible?

In all aspects of American society, disabled people have historically been infantilized, pitied, neglected, forgotten, and/or treated as afterthoughts. We are also viewed by default as nonsexual beings, whether we are actually interested in sex and other forms of gratification, or not. While considerable progress has been made, there are still many barriers that keep disabled and neurodivergent (ND) people from having the same access to BDSM education and fulfillment as abled and neurotypical (NT) people.

This is a presentation and Q&A to raise awareness of accessibility barriers to BDSM, in the hopes that those with the means to effect change will use their awareness to make BDSM accessible for all. Topics will include:

* Physical accessibility: How many venues are ADA-compliant? And is "ADA-compliant" necessarily the same as "disability friendly"? How many venues are accessible by public transit? What ride services are available for people who need mobility devices?

* Informational accessibility: What information formats do organizations use to spread the word? What formats do they use to educate? Are interpreters available? Are transcripts available? Are presenters informed about respectful language?

* Financial accessibility: How affordable are BDSM events? What kind of gear can people afford on a fixed income? How many organizations offer scholarships?

* Social / emotional accessibility: Are the PEOPLE at events welcoming? Do we honor requests for accommodations? Do abled/NT people actively engage with disabled people? Are longtime scene denizens aware of the needs of people with various disabilities? How many disabled / ND people have you met at events? Do presenters talk about adaptations at all?

Stuff I'd like to hear from you about: Resources for transportation, kink-friendly and comfortable venues, any ideas on increasing accessibility.

**OPTIONAL:** Consider watching the sexually explicit documentary *Yes, We Fuck!*, currently [free to watch UNCENSORED on Vimeo (dot) com], and also on the free Tubi streaming app with censoring and brief ads. Both have subtitles available (the audio is in Spanish and Catalan). Think about: Have you had the kind of conversations they have in the film? How many folks have you met in the scene who function like the folks who appear onscreen? How would those folks fare in the BDSM scene in San Diego?

Note that there are segments in which the screen goes black; that is intentional, not a streaming malfunction. And it should go without saying that this documentary is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

About Spicy:
Spicy is a native San Diegan, a nonbinary aroace BIPOC, and a heavy SM enthusiast. They have been active in the San Diego BDSM scene since 2015, volunteering primarily with Club X, DESIRE, Ravage, the Stomping Ground, Bash-N-Dash, and Submissive Voice, and presenting for Club X, the Stomping Ground, Submissive Voice, House of Black, Mz. Robyn's Skill Swap, San Diego Bumblebees, and San Diego GRuE. Their specialties include mummification, pedicures, dispensing snark, dismissing gender roles, and DJing play parties. View their mini-resume and send them questions or pics of cute people in agony on their Fet profile.