BDSM BasiX: Stomping, Trampling [In Person]

Date: Monday, June 27, 2022 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Location: The Hideaway
San Diego CA
Cost: Free to Club X members; $5 donation requested of non-members
Dress: Street legal
Presenter: Sarge

New and don't have all the toys? Or maybe you're Experienced and tired of all your toy bag toys? This class will give you the preparation to have a scene without anything but your body. We'll discuss an array of techniques from sensual to sadistic play. (BDSM BasiX is in person this month.)

Presented by Sarge

About the Presenter

Sarge, a leather "futch" (Femme-Butch), loves blood play, energy play, foot play, and fisting. They are a founding member of the Gang Bang Girls; an all female group that helps women to live out their gang bang fantasies. Sarge volunteers for various leather clubs, production companies, events and organizations. They are a co-founder of a leather family called the House of AndOr, which focuses on fundamentals of leather life and volunteering. They have a passion for teaching and learning and are in service to their community. In 2015 Sarge kicked off a community mental health awareness campaign with leather dog tags, called You Are Not Alone. Wearers of the tags know they can talk to others wearing them, about mental health. They hope that suicide rates will decrease with this awareness. Nominated for Pantheon of Leather Woman of the year 2015 and 2016, and winner of the Pantheon of Leather southern California regional award, Sarge is Ms. San Diego Leather 2014-15 and International Ms. Leather 2015


Government-issued identification will be required for entry. The identification must include one's legal first and last name as well as birthdate.


Proof of vaccination is required in order to attend. Masks are highly recommended but optional. If you experience symptoms of being sick please do not show up.

Acceptable proofs of vaccination status:

  • A physical vaccination card.
  • A clear digital photo of a physical vaccination card.
  • A digital COVID-19 record.

We also understand that there are those who are not able to have the vaccine for medical reasons, so there will be a medical exemption with documentation from a medical professional.

  1. The specific COVID-19 vaccine for which the exemption is requested.
  2. A written statement signed by a licensed, treating medical provider (MD, DO, NP, PA), nurse practitioner (NP), or physician's assistant (PA). The signed statement must include the practice location address, telephone number, fax number, signing provider's license number, and state or country (if outside the U.S.) where the licensed medical provider practices.
  3. The patient's first name, middle initial (if available), and last name.


Narrow entry hall; one stair-step separates the main space from the kitchen and restrooms; steps lead to patio and fire pit; restrooms have grab bars; venue itself is on a hill.

Lighting: Fluorescent, controlled by dimmers; colorful party lights aimed at ceiling in main room.

Smoking: Permitted on patio.

Parking: Small parking lot with one disabled space; the incline of the hill can make it difficult to keep car doors open; additional parking available on hill.

Transit access: Limited access by one direct bus route that runs until approx. 9:45pm weeknights and approx. 8:30pm Saturdays; limited access by a bus stop 1/2 mile away (one way only) and a trolley station just over 1 mile away; check routes upon receiving address in will-call email.

Other: Traffic in Mission Valley during the holiday season can be nightmarish - allowing extra travel time is highly advisable.