Ahoy there, Club X and Friends!

They say that time flies when you're having fun, and I must have been having a LOT of fun over the past few months, because I am absolutely stunned that it is February already. It's been a while since I dropped you a line, and I hope that with this letter I can bring you up to speed on all the new happenings in the Club. Despite having a lot of information, I'll try to keep this brief so that James will actually read it. (wink)


Your Club X Board of Directors has 4 seats opening at the end of this month, and we have received a LOT of letters of intent from potential Candidates. The Board will be sending out information in the next day or three with all the info you need to review the candidates and choose the four who you feel will best represent you and move the Club forward over the next two years (in conjunction with the 5 remaining Board members). Active/Verified Club X members will get a direct email to their address on file, and we will follow it up with a post to our website and Fetlife accounts. When you get the message, VOTE!

San Diego Leather Pride is coming!

SDLP week March 15-19 is going to be packed with events like a special edition of the Leather Fetish Ball, as well as the Mr./Ms. San Diego Leather Contest and the San Diego Bootblack Contest. Come support Club X member Jae Marie as she steps down from her 2016 year as Ms. SD Leather, and cheer on other Club X members who are competing for the 2017 title sashes! SDLP staff will be on site at the March 4th Pre-SDLP play party to sell weekend registrations. If you weren't lucky enough to snag a ticket to that sold-out party and would like to register for SDLP, you can click here to purchase your 5-day all-access pass right now. For the full schedule of events and other information, check their website here.

Online purchasing is here!

Our website has been growing nicely, and we've been VERY pleased with all of the work that KnotMatt has been putting into our online portal. Each verified member now has full control of their own account including up-to-date Xpoint balances and the ability to link your account to any other member (with their consent, of course). The most recent feature we rolled out is the ability to purchase your memberships through your online account using bank cards, Xpoints, or even cash! How does cash work, you ask? You provide cash to a Club X board member and they convert it to electronic Xbucks that can be spent through your profile. We did this to provide an easy and flexible payment option for those who choose not to use their bank cards while also keeping it separate from Xpoints, which are earned for volunteering and cannot be purchased. If you'd like to easily extend your membership, log into your profile and test out the purchasing options now! Coming next: Online party ticket purchasing!

Reciprocity with House of Black

If you haven't taken advantage of the reciprocity agreement we have with House of Black, you're missing out on one of the biggest savings in local Kink. Our agreement with HoB gets you the ability to rent their amazing Dungeon space at their low member rates for private time or to host your own parties, PLUS offers the option to purchase an all-access monthly membership which includes all of their events at a 40% savings. Check their website or Fet account for more details.

While you're in the mood for saving a few dollars, don't forget to ask for your Club X member discount at local businesses like Pleasures and Treasures, Deja Vu Love Botique, and Barnett Adult Superstore!

Finally, keep your eyes out for a new and exciting monthly event... X-MEN! This will be a Men's discussion and education series to mirror our existing Women's Rap. Hosted by current FMSD leader and Club X Board of Directors Candidate Doriam this series will be open to all male-identified humans over the age of 18 who are interested in attending male-focused discussion and education for play and relationships, including topics like men's Leather history, power-exchange dynamics, rope for male bodies, etc.

As always, if you have questions, comments, or concerns, please message the Board at info@clubxsd.org, or through our Fet Account.

Stay Kinky, San Diego!