Ticket Sales Update!

by DukeOfPudding 6 minutes ago

Our amazing technology guru KnotMatt has been working on adding features and functionality to the Club X website ever since March 2016 when he came to the Board of Directors. The Technology Update was one of my top five goals, and I'm really pleased with the product that Matt has put together. (Seriously... we got really lucky to we have this guy on our team.) The latest bit of functionality is going to help the BoD better manage our ticket accountability, as well as reduce the hassle for Members waiting in long lines for tickets at events where they'd rather socialize.

We will be going to an all-online purchasing system through the Club X website (www.ClubXsd.org) beginning immediately.

Here are some basics of how we will implement this:

  • General ticket sales will be announced well in advance of any event. #NoSurprises
  • Volunteer positions will be opened up a few days ahead of general sales, and will be offered to those Members who have checked the "interested in volunteering" box on their web account or otherwise talked to the Volunteer Coordinator. We have a lot of volunteers, and a limited number of spots at each party. #SharingIsCaring
  • General ticket sales will always be available first to the Members present at whatever event is being used for sales.This will initially be handled by announcing a special access code to use on the sales portal. Eventually, our functionality will hopefully allow us to release tickets to those who have "checked in" at the event. (We're still testing this.) #SocialClub #InItToWinIt
  • Tickets will be sold to through your ClubXsd.org account. You may also purchase tickets for other people who are linked to your account. #Privacy #Accountability
  • Credit/Debit cards and X-Points are the easiest way to purchase, but cash is still an option. #ElectronicEconomy
  • To use cash, see any Board Member to deposit cash into your account as "XBucks" to be spent anywhere within the Club X website. #CashIsKing

General Ticket Policies

  • Tickets for Open Parties are released at the Coffee Social the month prior. Member tickets are $30. Nonmember guests are $50.
  • Tickets for XRated/Xclusive are released at the Coffee Social immediately preceding the event Members only. $25
  • Tickets for XTreme/Xclusive are released at the Cocktail Social immediately preceding the event. Members only. $25
  • MEMBER tickets for any event may be transferred to ANOTHER MEMBER without penalty. Email the Vice President to make the swap. #MemberHighFive
  • MEMBER tickets may be refunded, minus a $10 processing charge.
  • Nonmember tickets are non-transferable and nonrefundable.

Want to make sure you're ready for the shift to all-online sales? Log into your account at www.ClubXsd.org today, update your personal settings, and check out the functionality of the site; we're really proud of the portal that KnotMatt has put together. If you intend to use cash for purchases, don't forget you can deposit it into your account with a Board Member at any event.

PROTIP: If you don't want to log in to the website each time to check in at an event, you can just screenshot your digital membership card on your phone for quick access.

If you have questions or comments, please drop us a line at info@clubXsd.org, or message our Fet account.

Thanks for your time!

Stay Kinky, San Diego!

~ Duke