Good Afternoon!

I hope this message finds you well :)

In an effort to streamline the volunteer process to work effectively with our updated ticketing process, we are offering volunteers the opportunity to purchase tickets prior to active party sales. 
We are fortunate to have over 150 active volunteers at this time, so understandably not everyone interested in volunteering for a given party will be able to. It is my hope that the following process will provide a fair way for all interested in volunteering to be given a chance to do so.

I will run a list from the website to obtain active volunteers approximately 6 weeks prior to the party date, and sort by member number. Depending on the number of volunteers needed for that party, I will email the corresponding number of people on the current volunteer list in that email, volunteers will be asked if they are interested and available to purchase a ticket for and volunteer at the upcoming play party. I will also ask that 2-3 preferred positions are provided, and will do my best to accommodate. If no reply confirming interest is received within 24 hours, I will move forward through the list and extend additional invites until I have reached the max number of confirmed volunteers. I will pick up where I left off with this same process for subsequent parties, rotating through the list continually.

In our new process, the confirmed volunteers will be provided with a code to allow them to purchase their member party ticket immediately. The goal is to have all volunteers purchase tickets prior to the general admission sales.

***Special Notes*** This process does not apply for those volunteering as dungeon monitors, leads, or other specialized volunteer positions requiring specific skill or training. You can change your volunteer status at any time by checking/unchecking the volunteer box on your member profile at You can also specify what type of volunteer position interests you or make note of restrictions as needed (everything, workshops, small parties, big parties, no heavy lifting, etc.) in the comments section.

If there are any questions or suggestions, please let me know!

All the Best,
Club X Volunteer Coordinator