Ahoy there, Club X!   Spring in San Diego really seems to have grabbed hold of us, and summer will be here before you know it.  The great weather opens up lots of activities that we've been missing out on for the long SoCal "winter" (lol), as well as plenty of other things like more street fairs and outdoor concerts.  San Diego really is a great town to live in... the options we have available to us are exciting and numerous.  The Club X Board of Directors has been working to add to that excitement by putting together some new events for your kinky pleasure.  Additionally, we've got some changes in the works that could use your assistance!  

First, don't forget that this month is Roller Skating For Rights, our 80's-Themed fundraiser for the National Coalition For Sexual Freedom.  From 5:30-7:30pm on June 25th, we're going to be jamming to some late-era Disco and New Wave hits.  Not into skating?  Not a problem... you can still come and socialize at the venue with all your kinky friends!  The $10 donations will definitely help the NCSF.  Also, this will be your first chance to get your hands on the limited tickets for the July pre-pride party.  For more info, check out the post that Heather put up about it! (I'll link it at the end.) By the way, that Pre-Pride event is going to be a 6-HOUR MEMBERS ONLY PARTY! You're definitely going to want to get your tickets when they go on sale, because there are only 60 available and they're guaranteed to sell out fast.  

You may have heard that Deja Vu is no longer offering their upstairs space for classes.  This change affects ALL the groups who have been using that area, not just Club X.  As we all continue the search for another venue in North County, we are making contingency plans in the event a suitable space cannot be located.  We've really enjoyed the ability to utilize the space at Deja Vu, and we hope that the changes they're making will help with their business.  Keeping quality adult-oriented stores in San Diego is important, and I encourage you to support Deja Vu, Pleasures and Treasures, Barnett, and the other local shops as much as you can.    

If you live in North County and know of a workshop-friendly space, please message info@clubXsd.org.  Our North County requirements? 

  • Private space 
  • ADA Accessible
  • Able to hold about 30-40 people
  • Bathrooms available

Speaking of things that are no longer available, I have some sad news to report.  Last week, I received a lengthy email from Genee, our Open Party catering maven for the past 4 years.  To put it as shortly as possible, life requirements are pulling her energy in another direction, and she will no longer be able to handle the catering for the parties.  We have been INCREDIBLY lucky to be the recipients of her talents and creativity, and I am personally grateful for everything that both she and Groot have done for our Club.  They will still be attending Club X as well as hosting their events, but after 4 years they decided it was time to turn over the catering duties to another enthusiastic volunteer.  While they will be unavailable for the August Party due to a schedule conflict, Genee and Groot intend to cater the final 2017 Open Party in November, and then turn over the duties to someone new.  If you're interested in taking on the responsibility of catering our Open parties beginning in 2018, message our Volunteer Coordinator, Sereana, at ClubXsd.volunteer@gmail.com.  

Once again, let me publicly say THANK YOU to Genee and Mister_Groot for the time and energy they put into making our party food unique and delicious for each themed event we've held.  4 years of parties is a LOT of work, and I hope you'll take a moment to thank them both when you see them next.

As discussed at the Town Hall meeting a few months ago, we are working on a  streamlined set of Bylaws to help Club X operate and continue to grow.  The Club Lawyer has completed the final revisions, and the BoD is doing a thorough review of the document before we vote on it.  Once we have the final board-agreed product in hand, the existing bylaws (as well as the intended new ones) require that the membership needs to approve the final bylaws.  We will make a 60-day announcement prior to holding a Membership Meeting where we will lay out all the major changes, answer questions, and also provide updates on any other upcoming events for the Club.  We're excited about all the changes, and we hope you will be, too! 

Remember: thank our volunteers, help where you can, buy your tickets early for all the events, aaaaaaaand.... 

Stay Kinky, San  Diego!


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