As discussed at the February Town Hall meeting and in Duke’s initial “From the Prez” letter, Club X Board of Directors has discussed, voted on, and approved a motion to update our pricing structure. The last time membership rates were adjusted was 5 years ago, and the last time party rates changed was even before then. Unfortunately, the realities of inflation, increasing venue/storage costs, and other economic factors put us in a position where we had to make a choice: Either decrease the number of classes and events we were having, use cheaper venues for parties, or raise rates.

Cheaper venues for parties are out there, but none that we located provide the same experience that our current party venues do. Club X parties have an established standard that we refuse to lower in the interest of cost savings. We will continue to seek newer, better, and larger spaces to play, but those come with increased cost.

Less events? Unthinkable. Club X Members have consistently asked for more classes and socials, so providing “less” seemed to go against the Membership’s desire.

Raising prices is an unpopular move for any club or business. Heck, we HATE when the price of lube goes up by another 50 cents at our local fetish store. However, marketing students can tell you that if you have a product that is viewed as a value at the price you ask, people will buy it. Our “product” is education and experience, and Club X doesn’t exist to make a profit. As a registered 501(c)7 organization, we’re explicitly prevented from doing so. We are, however, committed to providing our membership with a quality educational and social experience, and our many “free” (for members) events still come at a cost. In order to continue meeting the desires of the Club X membership base while maintaining the standard of excellence you’ve come to expect, below are the new Club X Membership and event pricing rates that will become effective on May 1st, 2016.

  • $35/yr Membership
  • $30 Membership add-ons (people or years)
  • Open Party: $30 member / $50 nonmember
  • Hideaway Party: $25, members only
  • Xtreme Workshop/Party: $25 member / $45 nonmember
  • Nonmember workshop attendance donation request: $5

Note: Xtreme price shown is “typical”, and may vary based on individual workshop cost

These rates will be effective May 1st, 2016.

Until that date, anyone who desires to purchase a membership or renewal (including multi-person or multi-year discounted options) may do so at the current rate of $25/year, plus $20 for any add-ons (years or people).

You may purchase your renewals from any Board Member at any Club X event.

If you have existing X-points, you may use those to offset the cost of any renewals as well. No X-point values will be affected by the new rate changes.

If you have any questions about this or other Club business, please contact, attend the monthly board meeting, or speak directly to any board member at your favorite Club X event.

Stay Kinky, San Diego!

Club X BoD