Club X San Diego and Edgewalkers

Proudly Present:


- An Xtreme Tribal Experience-

Plan to gather with us again at the World Beat Center on Saturday, October 20th for a one-night event unlike anything else in Southern California. Join us for live drumming, ritual piercing, hook pulls, flesh suspension, and much more. In addition to our special guest Elwood Reid, the Executive Director of Edgewalkers and protege to Fakir Musafar, our team will include many noteworthy piercers and personalities. This event is intended to be the largest body-based ritual held in San Diego in the last decade.   If you attended last year’s ritual, you know what is in store. If not, here’s a quick description:

Earlier in the day, Elwood Reid will host a presentation discussing the history and intent behind many global body-based rituals. This 2-hour educational discussion will be open to the public. After an early dinner break, the venue will reopen for ticketed participants to attend the evening ritual event. Attendance at the presentation is offered with your ticket, but not required in order to attend the ritual.

 Tickets will be $50, and allow you to participate in any role you choose. Piercee, drummer, witness, dancer, shaman, free spirit... the energy you bring will combine with every other soul in the building to create a vibe like none other in San Diego.  Thanks to the support of Edgewalkers, we will offer a limited number of suspensions for an additional surcharge.  

Fakir Musafar, the father of the Modern Primitive movement, says: "An energy {hook} pull ritual is not about pain or stoicism but rather a way, by gradually increasing tension on your piercings, to shift your energy towards an altered state. It is also a wonderful tool to share energy with others. You may connect intimately with friends, lovers, and even strangers pulling on your cords, tuning in to each other, experiencing group energy in a 'tribal' ceremonial ring." For those who choose to not be pierced, their energy can be directed to the crowd through their participation in the drumming, or by simply bearing witness to the ecstatic dance of the other participants. This type of event can be a transformative experience for you regardless of which role you choose to participate in.


 Mark your calendars now to reserve Saturday, October 20th for this unique event; more specific info, including specific times and other info as well as a detailed schedule for the rest of the weekend, will be published in the coming months.

If you have questions that just can’t wait, contact Duke at

Keep checking back for the link to ticketing and further information.