We're really excited to have what we believe to be a very strong representation of Club X Members chairing the board this term, and we're so very proud to see representation of intersectional communities among the 9 Directors. Here's who's on the board and their current positions.


Club X President - AmatoryDragon [They/Them]
Club X Veep - boyDoriam [He/Him]
Club X Secretary - BaxterHawk [He/They]
Club X Treasurer - Joyous_Artist [She/Her]
Volunteer Coordinator - DanishKink [She/Her]
Membership Coordinator - TheFancyCaptain [He/Him]
Merch & Equipment Coordinator - Cascarrabias [He/Him]
Information Officer - DarkPupRune [He/They]
Information Officer - Aetolian [He/Him]

Edit as of October 2021:

ChibiNekomori and Vialette will be replacing BaxterHawk and Joyous_Artist respectively.