• This is something that we take seriously, monitoring the rates of infection, local outbreaks, and hospital/ICU numbers. We never want to cancel an event and, when we can, will move the event outside or online.
  • As a club that hosts inclusive events, we prioritize the health and safety of all of our volunteers, members, and community. Actions like moving events outside/online and requiring vaccinations and masks at parties is a reflection of this.
  • Whether or not individuals see the situation as a risk—we all have different risk profiles—we will limit the level of risk, keeping the best interests of our club as a whole in mind.
  • While our focus is on the health and well-being of our members, these events may also be cancelled when there are no board members who can give consent to host the event due to their physical risk profile.
    In other words, just as we respect each individual’s personal risk profile and consent, we ask that members and all who are interested in attending also respect that those volunteering to host the event may have a risk profile that doesn’t allow for in-person gatherings during times of increased infection and spread.
  • These are not decisions that we make lightly and our main goal is to offer our community as many outlets to interact as possible.

If your personal risk profile differs, we respect that and expect the same. We encourage and invite you to create your own events that fit your risk profile until such a time comes that we can be together again.