Hey Members,

Ready for some hot, club x-rated online action? Welcome to my first Interactive Update where I’ll be sharing progress and plans for the new Club X website.

Back in March we originally announced my addition to the Board and my appointment as the first Club X Technology Officer. Since then I have been hard at work organizing requirements to support the current club activities, building a roadmap of new features, and evaluating systems we could use to move forward.

I want to start by acknowledging that we’re running a little behind schedule.

Originally, we selected an open source membership system that appeared to meet all our needs. We put that system up, spent a couple months customizing it, and then opened it up to a select group of beta testers before our planned May launch. Unfortunately that initial beta test did not go well. In short I wasn’t happy with the level of security protecting the membership information, the lack of functionality to sell add-ons and use X-points, and members couldn’t edit all of their own information correctly. Ultimately I made the tough decision to not only scrap that effort, but to start over and develop something from scratch.

Fast forward to July. We're back with a custom site, and have reached a point where we have started beta testing again.

This new site is a work in progress. It won't start off as full featured as I had hoped, but with the recent instability of Fetlife, it’s clear we need to get something up for our members as soon as possible.

Here is what we hope to launch with:
- A new clean, mobile compatible website look and feel
- A refresh for all of the pages and information from the current site
- An updated event calendar with all of the recurring monthly events
- A News section for communicating with the membership
- A Profile section for our users & members to view and edit their membership details
- Members can now view their membership status and X-points balance
- New users can now fill out our membership form online
- All personally identifiable data is encrypted at a very high level to protect their privacy

In preparing for launch, we have migrated our membership database and the x-points database to the new system. In the coming weeks after we do some more testing, we will be sending out an email to each member providing them with the username we have assigned them and a link to the site. Each member has also been assigned a large random password, and they will be able to request a password reset that they can use to secure their online login.

As part of this migration, we did find some incomplete or missing details for some members. If you did not supply an email when you signed, I recommend that you message clubxsdmembership@gmail.com with your Legal First and Last Name, Date of Birth, Member ID, and the email address you want used so we can update the database before we move over to the new website. This will insure that we can send you the proper details when it is ready.

Lastly, we have plenty of cool features coming!

Many of these are already in the works, but require more development or testing before we release them to the general membership. Here are a couple higher priority new features from the roadmap that members have consistently requested.
- Linked profiles for your submissive or Dominant so they can view and edit details
- Purchasing or renewing membership online by credit card or X-points
- Purchasing tickets for play parties or other larger events online by credit card or X-points

As always, this is your club and we appreciate your support.

Till next time,