Ahoy there, Club-X! September seems to have arrived pretty quickly this year, and for some of you that means the kids are back in school and you get a little more freedom to wear a gimp suit around the house! Regardless of your living arrangements, the calendar progression means the days are getting slightly shorter and the temps are finally starting to drop a little. All this means is that it's on us to start heating things up again!

We have some great events lined up for this month, including an Xhibition with the SDPD, some Genitirture at Xpose, and an Xtreme covering decorative cutting and branding as body art. Be sure to check our website and Fetlife accounts for the most up-to-date info. In addition to workshops and party planning, your Board of Directors has been very busy behind the scenes trying to make improvements to your Club experience.

While everyone coming to the Board makes a commitment to serve the Club, it's never for an indefinite amount of time. Terms have limits, and sometimes even life itself gets in the way. Recent life changes by two of our members forced them to make the difficult decision of resigning their Board positions, and on 9/1 the BoD voted to fill the vacancies by appointment. There were a number of people who submitted letters and expressed interest in serving, but we ultimately had to choose just two. Please welcome Queendep and Mister_Marcus to the board. Their appointments are temporary, and will expire after our Feb 2017 elections, unless they choose to run for the positions again and are voted in by YOU, the membership.

By now you should have received your email from the Technology Officer about creating and accessing your account inside the NEW Club X website. If you haven't yet logged in to verify your account (if you're an existing member) check your email for the message from ClubXsdTechnology@gmail.com to see the steps required. It's a pretty simple process to verify and update your info, and will help us streamline your experience going forward. For now the website lets you check your Xpoint balance and update your contact information. In the future, we will be adding modules for ticket and merchandise sales, as well as other features giving you complete control over your account and events.

We put out a request for your input, and you guys voted... it was a tight race, but the theme for the October Play Party will be "Queerin' Tarantino"! If you need suggestions for costumes to fit, take a look at this list of movies and shows that Mr. Tarantino has been involved with. We're really looking forward to a great night of creative play on October 29th with this theme. Get your tickets beginning at the Sep 2 Coffee Social.

We're still on the lookout for more venues... if you know of a place that has sufficient size and a willingness to create a safe space for kinksters to learn and play, we'd love to know about it. Message us at info@clubxsd.org!

If there's anything you'd like to share with the Board, or if you have questions, comments, or suggestions for improvement, please message us at info@clubxsd.org. Alternately, you can always chat with a Board member at any of our events.

Stay Kinky!