In this missive: Workshops, Workshops, and a 2017 calendar!

Aloha, Club X! It's been a busy month for the Board of Directors, and we have a LOT of exciting news for you. So much, in fact, that I can't put it all into this one letter (because I know you'd never read the whole thing)! ;) You can expect to be receiving a website update email from KnotMatt in the very near future, as well as information from other Directors!

There are some really great changes coming your way regarding our workshop schedule, but the bottom line is that we're adjusting some workshop dates and adding MORE THINGS to the calendar!

First off, if you have attended and enjoyed the Xpose series over the last year, thank you! We are going to be making an adjustment to that, and it will no longer be held on the 1st Thursday. For those who have been around Club X for more than a few years, you may remember when we used to hold workshops before each of our parties. We have kept part of that model in place with our Xtreme series, and we are now going to expand the offerings by rebranding Xpose as... (drum roll please)...


Beginning in February 2017, The X-Rated workshop will be held from 6-8pm immediately preceding our "Xclusive" (Member's Only) Parties. That's right, we're adding value to your membership with a free workshop and more members-only events. The X-Rated series will be sexually explicit workshops from top-notch local/regional presenters, and designed to give you some fun and sexy ideas that you can then carry through into the 4-hour Xclusive play party! Because of space limitations, the X-Rated series will be available only to those Club X Members who hold a ticket for the party.

In addition to the soft skills classes that we've been adding to Xhibition (come see KYew's "whoops" class on Nov 14 for a great one!), we've gotten requests to bring back more opportunities for 101-level hard skills. After much discussion about locations and timing with potential hosts, we are excited to bring you: (another drum roll, please)...

Xperience: Flogging


Xperience: Spanking

Beginning on Dec 13th 2016 and held on each 2nd Tuesday at P&T from 7-9pm, this monthly 101-level workshop and practice focuses on two of the most recognizable BDSM playstyles: Flogging (with Travis) and Spanking (with MarkoDistinction). Alternating monthly, our presenters will take you through some basic terms and techniques before demonstrating safe methods and allowing you some time to engage in guided practice. Bring a friend to practice with, or come alone. We'll do what we can to get you paired up and playing!
Spanking: Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov
Flogging: Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec

Side note: Just to be clear, this series is a safe place for new folks to learn, not for experts to show off their 17-beat florentine spanking skills. Experienced tops are welcome to come support the presenters during the practice portion.

On a final workshop note, we've been evaluating the basiX / Shibari 101 classes alternating between Vista and San Diego, and we're really pleased with the attendance and support we receive from everyone in North County for these. However, we've never quite cared for the "all or nothing" approach for classes in each location. To correct this, we will be shifting basiX months to alternate opposite the Shibari class. This way, there is at least one class offered in North county each month. For example, January basiX will be in Vista, and Shibari in San Diego. For February, basiX will be in SD and Shibari will be in North County. As always, you can check our website or Fetlife for clarifying details on each event.

To close out this letter, I want to say thank you again for supporting Club X, especially those of you who are core members and leaders within other San Diego groups. The Club X Board of Directors strives to foster a Club spirit that is rooted in concepts of safety and personal responsibility, while simultaneously working with other organizations to create events that are inclusive and exciting for the whole San Diego kink/Leather/fetish community. In keeping with that, I'd like to present our 2017 monthly events and play party calendar:

Club X 2017 Monthly Events:

1st Mon New Member Orientation 7-9pm, Pleasures & Treasures
1st Thur Board Meeting 7-9pm, ask for location
1st Fri Coffee 7-9pm, Hub Starbucks
1st Sat Xplore 7-9pm, Joyce Beers
2nd Mon Xhibition 7-9pm, Joyce Beers
2nd Tue Xperience Flogging/Spanking 7-9pm, P&T
3rd Mon Women's Rap 7-9pm, House of Black
3rd Tue Co-Ed Rap 7-9pm, Auto Circle Denny's
3rd Thurs Shibari 101, 7-9pm, Deja Vu and P&T
4th Mon basiX 7-9pm, Deja Vu and P&T
4th Fri Cocktails 8-10pm Numb3rs Bar

2017 Party Schedule

JAN 14 Volunteer Appreciation Party (invite only)
FEB 18 X-Rated + Xclusive
MAR 4 Open Party - Pre-Leather Pride
APR 15 Xtreme + Xclusive
MAY 20 Open Party - Theme TBD
JUN 17 X-Rated + Xclusive
JUL 8 Xtreme + Xclusive
AUG 19 Open Party - Theme TBD
SEP 16 X-Rated + Xclusive
OCT 21 Special Event (to be announced)
NOV 18 Open Party - Theme TBD
DEC 16 X-Rated + Xclusive

Event posts and calendar updates for all these dates will be coming out over the next few weeks. Workshop topics are usually confirmed about 2 months prior, and if you have an idea or request for a particular topic, message us!

Stay Kinky, San Diego!