PoC Caucus, Presented by Sereana

Date: Saturday, April 10, 2021 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM
Location: Online Only
Cost: Free to Members and $5.00 for Non-Members
Dress: zoom appropriate
Host: Sereana

Welcome to the Club X San Diego People of Color Caucus! The past 12 months have seen drastic changes in the lives of humans Worldwide,  and our Communities (kink, Leather, etc.) have been directly affected. For those identifying as PoC and other marginalized identities,  the uncertainty many feel right now is all too familiar. What will happen when we return to live events? Are the barriers to entry still present (and what are they)? How have Y/you maintained connection to community, and is there a desire for more? How does your presence in the Community affect [the Community]? Join me {Sereana} for a conversation where we will dig in, unpack, and spark dialogue surrounding the things we have witnessed. All are welcome to participate, but there is a need to focus on the voices of those directly affected. Allies are welcome to participate, but I ask that the spirit of the caucus be maintained by focusing on the issues and voices of People of Color.

Bio:Sereana stumbled her way into the kink/BDSM community in 2014, starry eyed and filled with curiosity. She quickly understood the value in supporting the community and became an avid volunteer for local clubs and events. Further expansion of perspective has been obtained through personal experiences and interstate travel. She has recently put energy into sharing kinky experiences and curated information to curious folx as a panelist and moderator, and is looking to expand information sharing to media platforms.

Currently, she can be found living an unapologetic life -spending time with loved ones, Co-hosting the San Diego Leather Roundtable, Coordinating Leather Realm's virtual events for Pride 2021, and finding ways to support community while staying safe and socially distant.