Greetings Club X Volunteers!

Thank you for thinking of volunteering.  Our Club and community can not exist without you!

Our Process:

1. Registration for Volunteers for an upcoming party will open at the same time party tickets go on sale. This means, at 8pm at kinky coffee, unless otherwise scheduled.

2. See your Volunteer Coordinator and "sign up" as a volunteer. Please note: Your confirmed position as a volunteer holds a ticket for you to purchase. The Volunteer Coordinator will have the option to provide a code to any volunteer who is unable to complete their ticket purchase before the general admission tickets are sold out.

3. At the end of the event where ticket sales are initiated, emails sent to will be considered in chronological order beginning one hour after sales are initiated. Emails received before this time frame may also be considered, but will not be treated preferentially.

4. Volunteers will need to purchase their tickets no less than 1 week prior to the play party. If you have special circumstances with regard to this, you will need to notify the Volunteer Coordinator of them within the 1 week time frame.

5. An email confirming the volunteer position, shift start and end time, and brief description of duties will be sent 1 week prior to the party date.

Additionally, I am looking for volunteers who would like to train as team leads for set-up and tear-down, as well as volunteers who are looking to work in a catering capacity. Please reply with inquiries if interested.

As always, keep your ideas and suggestions heading my way. Club X cannot do it without each and every one of YOU!

Club X Volunteer Coordinator