Happy New Year, Folx!

Friendly neighborhood newsletter whore and Veep here! We wanted to go ahead and welcome you to the new year, and while 2021 had its many ups and downs, we are looking forward to many up-Up-UPS in 2022! Later this week we’ll be sending a more formally updated newsletter letting you know what is coming up, but this one is dedicated solely to the upcoming Board Elections for Club X!

Club X is a member and volunteer-run 501(c)7 organization, orchestrated by a board of nine directors with a yearly election rotating 4 or 5 directors at a time to keep the direction of the club moving steadily, and healthily, as a reflection of the community we serve. It’s time we thank our outgoing directors for their service over the last 2+ years, and open the seats for new directors to step forward in bringing the club into the year 2022 and thereafter. A big thanks to AmatoryDragon, DanishKink, TheFancyCaptain, Cascarrabias, and ChibiNekomori for their service!

As per our bylaws (Article IV, Section 4):

"Any member in good standing may be elected to the board of directors and may be nominated: (1) by any method authorized by the board of directors"

If you are interested in becoming a Candidate for the 2022-2023 board, you will need to reach out with the following to Info@ClubXSD.org:

  • Personal Letter of Intent (PLoI)

    • The intent letter submitted to the board will be shared with the membership.

  • Candidate Questionnaire

    • Each person submitting a PLoI will be asked to also fill out a questionnaire featuring questions the Board has deemed reflective of our functions as directors.

    • The questionnaire can be found here: 2022 BoD Candidate Questions

    • Answers to the questionnaire will be shared with the membership.

  • Two Sponsorship Letters

    • Sponsors must be members in good standing with a membership greater than 3 months as of January 1, 2022. A member in good standing may not have a currently suspended membership, and must have an active membership as of January 1, 2022.

    • Sponsor letters should include 2-3 sentences about the candidate, and include the sponsor’s Membership ID number.

    • Letters must sent separately. Please include the scene name of the endorsed in the subject line.

    • A sponsor may only endorse one (1) candidate. 

    • Sponsorship letters may be shared with the membership, if necessary.

Letters of Intent and all concurrent documents must be received no later than 11:59:59pm on January 31, 2022 in order to be considered. Candidate Letters of Intent and all other necessary documents will be made available to the membership on Friday, February 4th following the February 3rd Board Meeting and voting will begin after the yearly Town Hall held in February. All candidates are encouraged to attend the Town Hall, though it is not mandatory; we also encourage sponsors to make an appearance.

Voting will continue until 11:59:59pm on Friday, February 25th and the newly elected Board Members will be notified no later than Monday, February 28th. At the March 3rd Board Meeting, outgoing board members and incoming board members are expected to attend, and the new board will be coming on immediately after the meeting. Newly filled seats on the Board will be announced no later than Monday, March 7th 2022 in Newsletter Format to the membership, as well as on our website and fetlife platforms.

Looking forward to the new year!

In Service,

Club X Board of Directors